Students walk through a labyrinth patterns drawn on the Langford quad.

Students and a robot combine to provide temporary new look to quad outside Langford A

The Architecture Quad got a temporary new look March 26-27 with labyrinth patterns created by environmental design students. Their designs were transferred to a robot that applied the patterns as it rolled along the quad.

The designs were created in a workshop led by Ashley Bigham and Erik Herrmann, principals of Columbus, Ohio-based Outpost Office. The workshop was hosted by the Texas A&M chapter of American Institute of Architects Students and organized by James Michael Tate, assistant professor of architecture

In the project, students scripted and coded, and learned how to work with a robot’s capabilities and limitations. It was also an opportunity to see their designs created at scale. 

Faculty members Tyrene Calvesbert and Shawn Lutz, members of the Department of Architecture’s Lectures and Exhibitions Committee, played an integral role in connecting Outpost Office with the students for the workshop.

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