Construction Industry Advisory Council (CIAC)

The Construction Industry Advisory Council (CIAC) is your gateway to some of the best construction industry professionals in the nation. Since 1998, CIAC has been committed to supporting and promoting the Texas A&M construction science department. With a CIAC membership, you’ll have priority access to our outstanding current students and graduates. 

Become a member 

Support and inspire the construction professionals of tomorrow by joining CIAC today. There are four types of membership:


Individual members are representatives who support the department and participate in CIAC events. There are two levels of individual membership: annual and lifetime. While all individual members are invited to participate in CIAC activities and meetings, only lifetime members may vote on CIAC matters.

Individual Membership Application (PDF)

Business entity

Business entity members are industry sponsors who pay annual dues of $2,500. In turn, the companies designate two representatives to participate in the council’s activities.

Business entity membership application (PDF)


Associate members are representatives of professional organizations that are invited by the Executive Committee to be members of the CIAC and participate in council events. Associate Members are not required to pay dues, but may vote on CIAC issues.


Emeritus members are distinguished constructors whose expertise are valuable assets to CIAC membership. They are approved by the executive committee and encouraged to participate in all council activities. Emeritus members are not required to pay dues and are non-voting members of the council.

Business entity benefits

Business members of the CIAC impact students and faculty through direct department connections. Their benefits include: 

  • Opportunities to direct research and study activities on behalf of the CIAC 
  • Preferential consideration for intern positions
  • A guaranteed position at the fall and spring career fairs with meals, parking and interview space provided at no additional cost
  • Access to employment statistics and average starting salaries 
  • A four-top table for representatives at the Department of Construction Science Annual Spring Scholarship Banquet at no additional cost
  • Opportunities to speak in construction management classes and student chapters

Following our payment instructions, secure your membership online through the Texas A&M Foundation online giving portal.

Membership in action

The CIAC meets throughout the year to transact business, propose changes to academic programs, and offer departmental updates. The executive committee, consisting of the president, vice president, and chair of each subcommittee, guides CIAC activities.

On-campus meetings

The CIAC conducts business meetings each fall and spring semester to discuss funding, curriculum, membership, and research issues. The spring on-campus meeting will coincide with the department’s annual scholarship and awards banquet.

View the calendar for upcoming meetings

Meeting minutes

Fall 2019 Board Meeting Minutes
Spring 2019 Board Meeting Minutes
Fall 2018 Board Meeting Minutes
Spring 2018 Board Meeting Minutes
Fall 2017 Board Meeting Minutes
Spring 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Summer luncheons

The CIAC hosts summer luncheon meetings in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio to provide updates on the construction education program at Texas A&M. Members and guests from construction-related businesses are encouraged to attend.

Summer presentations

2020 Summer Luncheon Presentation
2019 Summer Luncheon Presentation
2018 Summer Luncheon Presentation

Biennial reports

Annual reports document the history and accomplishments of the CIAC, and include members, activities, and budget information.

2020 Biennial Report
2016–2017 Report
2014–2015 Report
2012–2013 Report
2010–2011 Report
2009 Report
2008 Report
2007 Report
2006 Report
2005 Report
2004 Report

CIAC bylaws

CIAC Bylaws 2012

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