Service Units

Office of the Dean

The dean is the leader of the college. In addition to numerous administrative duties, the dean works collaboratively with the college's department heads, research center directors and assistant deans to develop and implement the college's myriad initiatives and realize its goals and vision. The administrative staff in the Office of the Dean, located in Langford A202, supports the dean and the college at large.

The Office of Student Services

The Office of Student Services, located in Langford A219, handles day-to-day academic-related business for the College of Architecture's undergraduate and graduate programs. Additionally, the academic advisers for the college's four departments are housed in the student services office, making it the first stop for prospective students. The student services staff also conducts tours of the college.

Communications Office

The communications office is a dedicated, in-house creative team committed to supporting college-level priorities and strategies by telling the college’s most important stories to a broad range of key audiences. They develop and manage the college’s major communications efforts, including strategic communications, digital communications, social media, graphic design, marketing strategy, and brand management. We collaborate with communications colleagues across the institution to align our college-level priorities and identity with that of Texas A&M University.

Business Office

Located in room 206 of Langford Building A, the Business Office strives to provide excellent customer service in the areas of financial management, purchasing, research and grant management, budgetary obligations, human resources, payroll processing, and travel processing. The office serves as a customer-oriented liaison between the faculty, staff and students of the College of Architecture and all financial entities across The Texas A&M University System.


The College of Architecture's Woodshop facility, housed on the first floor of the Langford B building, provides students with the tools needed to realize their design concepts in a wide range of media, including wood, metal and plastic. Under the guidance of an experienced Woodshop staff, and after completing a mandatory shop safety course, students can utilize a full complement of machines and power tools including three laser cutters, a 3-D printer, lathe, band saw, table saw, router table, drill press, oscillating spindle sander, stationary belt sander, panel saw, compound miter saw, planer, joiner and an array of hand tools.

The shop is staffed with a fulltime supervisor and student workers knowledgeable in woodworking, metalworking and modern design and building practices.

The shop is open 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Information Technology Services (ITS)

ITS operations for the College of Architecture are located in Langford A122. The unit consists of several internal divisions designed to optimize technical support for the various areas of the college's ITS infrastructure.

ITS includes the college's Help Desk, which serves as a portal for resolving all technical issues from faculty, staff, and students, computing account services, audio/visual services, including a collection of laptops, cameras and video conferencing equipment available for checkout; printing & scanning services, supported by several large format plotters and laser printers throughout the college.

It also provides Web team services, facilitating complete in-house solutions for the college's online needs including content management, project management, SQL database administration, and survey management; computer & network services, including college workstations and network resources; and consulting services.

Visualization Laboratory

The Visualization Laboratory supports the academic, research and outreach initiatives of the Department of Visualization as well as other research activities in the college with a focus on the computer as a tool for visual communication. The "Viz Lab" is housed primarily on the fourth floor of the Langford C building within the Texas A&M College of Architecture. This 7,500 sq. ft. space includes two video studios, color and black-and-white darkrooms, video editing facilities, image input and output facilities, an electronic classroom, sound creation and manipulation facilities, a Cyberware 3D scanner, research spaces, an immersive visualization lab, approximately 25 visual workstations and office space.

Digital Fabrication Facility (Architecture Ranch)

The College of Architecture's Digital Fabrication Facility, aka Architecture Ranch, is a research and construction facility located on a 12-acre site at Texas A&M's Riverside Campus. The facility houses a CNC (computer numerical control) mill, plasma cutter and other fabrication technologies that allow students and faculty to bring 2-D concepts into fully realized 3-D architectural spaces or objects.

The site also houses woodshop and metal shop machinery.The entrance to the 1,900-acre Riverside Campus is located west of State Highway 47, just south of the intersection with Highway 21, approximately 10 miles from the main Texas A&M campus.

Wright Gallery

The Wright Gallery, located in Langford building A, is the college's showcase for the visual arts.

The gallery supports the college's role as the home of visual arts education at Texas A&M; the college offers classes in many of the traditional studio disciplines, as well as one of the nation's leading programs in digital and electronic visualization.

Named to honor donors James Wright, who earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Texas A&M in 1954, and his wife Mary, the gallery also hosts lectures, studio reviews and other special events.