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College celebrates 'Year of Diversity'


Throughout the 2012-13 academic year the Texas A&M College of Architecture is celebrating a "Year of Diversity" with a variety of projects and special events spotlighting the value of cultural diversity and its relevance to the disciplines taught at the college.  

In honor of the "Year of Diversity," the College of Architecture's Diveristy Council had the honor to host the following events:


HOWDY Campaign

“Howdy” campaign showcasing college diversity through portraits of current students, faculty and staff projected on monitors throughout the Langford Architecture Center.


Graphic Identity Competition 

The council began its diversity efforts in 2012 with a competition challenging students to develop graphic designs to illustrate the college's "Year of Diversity" project.

The competition saw a total of 44 entries, each of them including a design and brief statement explaining the artist's individual approach to visualizing diversity.

The winning entry is now the featured graphic of identity for the "Year of Diversity."


Staff Workshop

A series of student, faculty, staff and administrator workshops aimed at raising awareness about the college's need, to not only enhance and celebrate diversity, but to make it an integral part of its core function were held throughout the year.


The workshops were aimed at making diversity a topic to be talked about, an openly discussed issue and not just in the back of the room.  The workshops aimed at having this open and sometimes uncomfortable conversation about diversity and all it means in the context of the college and our communities.


Year of Diveristy Opening Celebration 

Wright Gallery, August 29, 2012 at 9am.  

The collegewide diversity celebration keynoted by Karan Watson, provost and executive vice president for academic affairs, began the "Year of Diversity." The kickoff event included a question and answer session and a reception. 


Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

The Exhibit Hall – Building B,  October 12, 2012 12:00 to 1:30pm

Embracing Hispanic Diversity in the Workplace & the University:  How Far Have We Come?

Faculty, Students & Staff were invited to attend a Panel Discussion with Former Students :

Jesus (Chuy) H. Hinojosa 

M. Antonio (Tony ) Cisneros 

Rudy Gomez   


Black History Month Celebration

Wright Gallery,  March 7, 2013 at 4:00pm

Guest Speaker: Mr. Oliver Sadberry, Curator for the Brazos Valley African American Museum

presentation: “Journey Undreamt”

Beginning with the Atlantic Slave Trade in the 15th century and ending with today, a period roughly 5 centuries.

Mr. Oliver W. Sadberry, Jr. was born in Bryan, Texas to O.W. & Sylvia Sealey Sadberry. Mr. Sadberry graduated High School at St. Emma Military Academy in Powhatan, VA., attended the University of  Texas at Austin, and after 2 years  enlisted in the US Air Force. After completing his tour, he worked for TAMU in the Oceanography Department on the Polar Research Team in the Antarctic. Upon his return from the Antarctic he enrolled at TAMU and graduated in 1971  with his BA in mathematics. After serving as Assistant Executive Director for Human Services for the  Council of Government., he retired and is now the Curator for the Brazos Valley African American Museum.


An openining reception with light food and beverages followed the presentation.

Art from the Museum was displayed in the Wright Gallery from March 6-8th


Dialogo on the Border Conference

Brownsville, Texas, April 19-20th

The Dialogo on the Border was an open conference that focused on engaging professionals from diverse backgrounds in a dialogo (Spanish for "dialogue") seeking solutions for the myriad challenges confronting border regions, while building a diverse national network of supportive individuals committed to resolving border issues. 

The event was co-sponsored by Texas A&M University's College of Architecture and the Dwight Look College of Engineering.

The two day event was structured around presenations from keynote speakers Nabeel Hamdi from Oxford Brookes University, James Rojas from the Latino Urban Forum, and Stan Marek of Marek Brother Co. Inc.  

Presentations by researchers and public  


End of the Year Diversity Celebration

Langford Building A Courtyard, May 2, 2013 from 12:00-2:00pm. 

This event celebrated the completion of the "Year of Diversity" for the College of Architecture.  Hosted by the College of Architecture Diveristy Committee, the event brought together facuity, staff and students from across all departments in the College of Architecture to celebrate each other.  

Food, games and prices were served free to all attendants. 

The celebration was culminated with the Persian musical performance of a number of architecture doctoral students.


Thanksgiving Celebration

Langford Building A Courtyard, November 16, 2012 from 12:00-2:00pm; November 22, 2013 from 12:00-2:00pm.

This event celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday in the College of Architecture.  Hosted by the College of Architecture Diveristy Council, the event welcomed faculty, staff and students from across all departments and celebrated with a Potluck Feast.  In particular, the potluck welcomed international students to share traditional foods from their native countries. The celebration, now having been held for two consecutive years has been a tremendous success. 


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College of Architecture preparing for upcoming 'Year of Diversity'

College celebrates 'Year of Diversity'

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Throughout the 2012-13 academic year the Texas A&M College of Architecture is celebrating a "Year of Diversity" with a variety of projects and special events spotlighting the value of cultural diversity and its relevance to the disciplines taught at the college.
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Wright Gallery show salutes black history

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