Outstanding Alumni Award Program


Nominees for the College of Architecture Outstanding Alumni Awards are evaluated on accomplishments reflecting the core values of Texas A&M—excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect and selfless service—in the following three areas:

  1. Professional achievement and career distinction
    Nominees shall have accomplished prominence through their efforts in industry, government, education, their chosen profession, or other admirable undertakings that reflect positively on the College of Architecture.

  2. Service to society
    Nominees must demonstrate integrity and a commitment to service by bettering the lives of others through volunteer efforts, including civic, military, and professional service or organizations.

  3. Service and support to the College of Architecture and Texas A&M
    Nominees’ actions and accomplishments must reflect the importance of their educational training, pride in their alma mater, and loyalty to Texas A&M as noted through their interest in and support of the College of Architecture and our university.


Nominees will have been former students who were enrolled in a regular course of study in the College of Architecture (or its predecessor academic designations) at Texas A&M University or the A&M College of Texas. Former students may be nominated posthumously.


Any individual or group may submit a nomination. Nominations by a group must designate one contact person. The dean of the college will hold nomination packages, which must include:

  • A completed nomination form, which should include the nominee's name, address, and contact information.
  • A recent biography of the nominee.
  • A summary of the nominee's education, including degrees earned, as well as honorary degrees.
  • Business, public service, and/or professional awards received.
  • Contact information for the nominator(s) and a list of the three persons writing enclosed letters of support.
  • A letter that identifies the nominee's noteworthy accomplishments, with special emphasis on the individual's influence on their chosen field, the state and/or nation, and on Texas A&M University. This letter must not exceed two pages. Photos of the nominee's work may also be submitted and can include a statement of evaluation by clients or interested parties.
  • No more than three letters of support from individuals with specific knowledge of the nominee's accomplishments and character. Each letter of support must not exceed one page.
  • A full curriculum vitae may also be included in the package.


Nominations are reviewed by a selection committee comprised of twelve College of Architecture representatives. Each of the college’s four departments appoints three respresentatives: two tenured faculty members and one past Outstanding Alumni Award honoree. Department heads consult with their faculty to appoint representatives. The selection committee, barring extenuating circumstances, recommends a group of nominees—not to exceed seven—to the dean for final selection, including any posthumous nominees.

Nomination packages should be assembled and submitted by the March 1, 2019 deadline established by the college. Nominees may be notified to ensure the completeness of their nomination packages and may, if needed, advise on suitable authors for letters of support.

Files for nominees not selected will be retained for consideration for two years following initial nomination. Individuals may be renominated at any time. Information concerning nominees will be kept confidential to protect the integrity of the process.

The dean of the college will notify successful nominees and arrange for the awarding of the honor. The dean’s office will prepare appropriate press releases and other announcements.


Mail completed nomination packages to:

Deanna Cowan
College of Architecture
3137 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-3137

or fax to 979.845.4491

or email to dcowan@tamu.edu

Nominations due March 1 prior to fall awards banquet.

Revised: October 2018