The college's four departments - architecture, construction science, landscape architecture and urban planning and visualization sciences - are each fully accredited at the highest level and together offer 16 degree programs, including doctorates in architecture and urban and regional sciences.

Department of Architecture

The Department of Architecture at Texas A&M University is one of the largest and most diverse professional programs in the United States, with five unique degree programs. Nationally ranked among other accredited professional programs in architecture, the department enters its second century of architectural education by creating and disseminating knowledge to students through the studio education method with an emphasis on sustainability.

Department of Construction Science

The Department of Construction Science is one of the largest programs of construction higher education in the nation. The department's primary mission is to prepare undergraduates and graduate students for successful careers in construction and construction-related industries.

Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning

The Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, through two undergraduate and four graduate degree programs, provides education, research and outreach in planning, design, development and management of communities to continually improve the quality of the living environment, and by extension, the quality of our lives.

Department of Visualization

The Department of Visualization prepares students for careers as professional artists and engineers in fields using computing to create visual imagery such as computer animation, simulation, visual effects, electronic games, web design, graphic design, and contemporary arts. The department's undergraduate and graduate degree programs combine the study of both the science and art of image making while exposing students to hardware, software, tools, and languages of high-end visual computing in the Visualization Laboratory.