The College of Architecture sustains five formally organized research centers that improve the knowledge base of the professions it serves while supporting six graduate certification programs.

CRS Center for Leadership and Management in the Design and Construction Industry

The mission of the CRS Center is to advance innovation and leadership in the design, construction and facility management industries. It also houses the archives of CRS, the architecture engineering and planning firm, and its successor firm, CRSS.

Center for Housing and Urban Development

The Center for Housing and Urban Development is an integrated practice, outreach, service education and research center dedicated to improving the quality of life of people and the quality of the place in which they live, particularly in rural and disadvantaged communities such as colonias, informal low income settlements that lack critical infrastructure along the Texas/Mexico border.

Hazard Reduction & Recovery Center

Hazard Reduction & Recovery Center faculty fellows perform research in hazard mitigation, disaster preparedness, response and recovery through two research units. It's one of two centers worldwide to be designated a Collaborative Centre by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Center for Health Systems & Design

The Center for Health Systems and Design, a joint venture between the College of Architecture and the Health Science Center at Texas A&M, promotes research, innovation and communication in an interdisciplinary program that focuses on health facility planning and design. Research interests of faculty associates range from the effects of environmental stress on patients' well-being and health to the evidence-based design of hospitals, nursing homes, neighborhood clinics, healing gardens, accessible communities, and healthy cities.

Center for Heritage Conservation

The Center for Heritage Conservation combines established teaching and research expertise in building documentation with emerging technologies for measuring and recording. The center's ongoing projects include studies of World War II heritage resources in Normandy, medieval structures in southern France, Mayan cities in Belize, Native American dwellings, vernacular buildings, and National Historic Landmarks.