Department of Visualization Research and Creative Works

The Department of Visualization conducts innovative research and produces high-quality creative works. 

Faculty and students can engage in research through the Department of Visualization in a variety of ways including:

  • Authoring and co-authoring academic papers
  • Creating content for research projects
  • Showcasing artwork at local galleries

Technology-Driven Research

Visualization research improves and expands the creative applications of technology. Our faculty and students explore and create augmented and virtual realities, discovering new techniques and knowledge along the way.

Creative Works

The production of creative works is another form of scholarly work within the college. These endeavors are more hands-on and allow for the creativity of each individual.

Research Labs 

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Lab

HCI@Viz consists of five research groups that conduct research in human-computer interaction, human-centered computing and interactive systems. Research topics include embodied interaction, virtual and augmented reality, data visualization, child-computer interaction, soft materials interaction, interactive storytelling and more.

INteractive Data and Immersive Environments (INDIE) Lab

Faculty lead: Eric Ragan


Learning Interactive Visualization Experience Lab (LIVE Lab)

Faculty lead: Andre Thomas

The Learning Interactive Visualization Experience Lab explores the incorporation of game technology and methodologies into the classroom experience and within educational research. The LIVE Lab collaborates with other departments, colleges, and universities to foster the research and development of educational experiences. Their research impacts education in K-12, higher education, corporations, governments, and NGO’s.


Soft Interaction Lab

Faculty lead: Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo

Soft Interaction Lab

The StoryLab

Faculty lead: Sharon Lynn Chu

The Story Lab


Faculty lead: Francis Quek

VIVID LAB: Visceral Intersensory Visualization and Information Design

Director: Ann McNamara

The thematic lab for Visceral Intersensory Visualization and Information Design (VIVID) develops new knowledge, resources, and community around the data visualization and information design areas of data science, encompassing research, education, and outreach. The lab’s goal is to exploit the potential of data visualization and information design. These fields, which aim to render complex data accessible, understandable, and consumable by the intended audience, are ripe for innovation and disruption. VIVID Lab is supported by the Texas A&M Institute for Data Science (TAMIDS).