Students test their skills in video game design marathon

Student contestants had 48 hours to design video games at Chillennium, the biggest student-run game jam in the world. The April 1-3, 2022 event, which returned from a two-year pandemic hiatus, drew participants from multiple universities and various majors to the contest location at the Hildebrand Equine Complex.

Chillennium is hosted each year by the Texas A&M Department of Visualization.

“I want everyone to leave knowing something they didn’t know before,” said Amanda Golla, Chillennium’s director and a visualization senior. “It is a very hard challenge to make a game in this short period of time, and once you’ve done that, everyone here will have a little bit more knowledge than before.”

Approximately 130 students set up camp in the equine complex from Friday evening until Sunday night, armed with pillows, blankets and all the computing equipment they would need to create their masterpieces. Working in teams of up to four people, they were tasked with building games that fit into this year’s theme: “You really shouldn’t mix those!”
More details are in a Texas A&M Today article.

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