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Student Comments


During my first study abroad trip, I traveled extensively in Europe (Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Britain and France). The second trip was devoted entirely to Italy. To become better acquainted with the local community, I joined the wonderful "Lunch with Families" program. I became close friends with a family in town who opened their home and their hearts to me, and made me feel a part of their community.

Amber Moncia, Environmental Design & Master of Architecture Student

My experiences as a reciprocal exchange student in Guatemala have shaped the way I live my life. The learning of Guatemala's culture and history was enriched by having well known experts in the field as my guides, interacting with the locals, and also by participating in extraordinary activities that I thought I would never do in my life. These included climbing to the peak of an active volcano, spending three days on a tiny tropical island, trekking through the jungle in search of ancient archeological and architectural treasures, and scuba diving along the second largest barrier reef in the world. I believe that being thrust into a unique situation in a part of the world that is extremely different from the United States is an eye opening experience. I feel I have changed in many respects and became a better, more complete person because of this program.

Jonathan R. Howard, Environmental Design Student

The Edward J. Romieniec Graduate Traveling Fellowship enabled me to travel to Japan during the summer of 2002. While there, I was able to sketch, photograph and relate various design principles to my study on sacred places. Meeting and exchanging ideas with people from diverse backgrounds enhanced my understanding of the fundamental concepts of globalization and international harmony and offered insight extremely pertinent to today’s world. My travel to Japan was indeed an eye-opener, not only academically and professionally, but also spiritually. It was unquestionably one of my most cherished experiences.

Arsenio Rodrigues, Master of Architecture Student

Not just about architecture but about different cultures and the way different people think, which I have found has served me very well in my professional practice. It's much more expensive now for students to study overseas. I felt very strongly that we needed to do something about helping College of Architecture students so we set up a scholarship specifically targeting the study abroad program and we're encouraging everybody else to do the same thing. Hear David Baker Interview

David Baker, AIA, BED alum Class of 1983