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International Programs and Initiatives

Semester Away

We believe cultural competency is essential to student success in a globalized workforce. Our college is committed to travel experiences, cultural immersion, and global perspectives as part of the student experience. Through our semester away initiative, students gain life experiences that will make them better citizens of the world.

The College of Architecture requires all undergraduate students to spend one semester away. We partner with Texas A&M Education Abroad to offer rich educational experiences around the globe.


Study Abroad

We are proud to offer students many opportunities to travel the world. Through study abroad, students take courses relevant to their degree and their surroundings. Study abroad programs are faculty led.

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Reciprocal Exchange

Texas A&M partners with universities around the world to offer a reciprocal educational exchange program (REEP). REEP students take classes at a partner institution while living and learning with students form the host country. Reciprocal exchange is one of the most independent and immersive ways to study abroad.

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Internships give students valuable entry-level experience in their chosen field. Some departments allow approved internships to fill the semester away requirement.