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Undergraduate Majors

The College of Architecture houses six undergraduate majors across its four departments. 

Environmental Design

Environmental design uses art, science, and design to support the built environment. Students may pursue graduate study in architecture programs after getting this degree.

Download Environmental Design program flyer.

Construction Science

Construction science combines aspects of business, project planning, and construction management into one degree. Our accredited four-year program prepares students to enter the construction industry in various positions.

Download Construction Science program flyer.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture enhances and protects natural and built environments. Landscape architects plan and design places for the health, safety, and welfare of citizens.

Download Landscape Architecture program flyer.

Urban & Regional Planning

Urban planning is a profession concerned with the design and development of the built environment. Urban planners understand the needs of a viable community and have the skills to address its challenges.

Download Urban & Regional Planning Policy Track or Urban Design Track program flyers.


Visualization focuses on the creation, design and development of the visual experience. The visualization program develops a student’s artistic, scientific and technical abilities.

Download Visualization program flyer.

University Studies—Global Arts, Planning, Design & Construction

University Studies is a unique degree plan made just for you! Our program provides a foundational knowledge of global art, planning, design and construction.

Download University Studies program flyer.