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Texas A&M University College of Architecture

Information Technology Services (ITS)

Under the leadership of our IT Director, Chrissie Cordray, ITS strives to provide innovative solutions to the college in order to meet its teaching, research, and outreach goals.  Below, you will find a brief list of our staff, and to the right, useful links and information.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us if there are questions, concerns, or suggestions for improvement.

Our Staff 


Chrissie Cordray
Director, Information Technology

Langford A122

As IT Director, Chrissie is responsible for all IT support in the college, including desktop support, system uptime, and improvement, and web/software development.  In addition, Chrissie serves on numerous committees, representing the College at university-level IT functions.


Jenny Nelson
Helpdesk Manager

Langford A 122

Jenny's focus, through managing a small army of student and employees, includes managing the Helpdesks across our facilities, maintaining our large-format print operations, and general front-of-house management.


Garrett Yamada
Security, Risk, and Compliance Analyst

Langford A122

Garrett's new responsibilities as the College's Security, Risk, & Compliance analyst include working with researchers to ensure their technology meets state & federal cybersecurity guidelines, reviewing College-level IT policy, and monitoring our infrastructure for security risks.


Kyle Levenick
IT Manager

Langford A122

Kyle's responsibilities as the Service Desk Manager include overseeing all frontline support, the print center, and the MakerPlace, responding to high-level support requests, and monitoring each area's metrics. He is constantly working toward each area's continuous improvement.


Thomas George
MakerPlace Supervisor

Langford A 107CA

Tom is responsible for working on ITS's efforts toward 3D printing and digital fabrication. He runs the new MakerPlace located in Langford A107.


Kevin Glueck
DevOps Engineer

Langford A122

A one-man army, Kevin maintains the critical infrastructure for the college. Lately, he has been heavily involved with integrating various services while sharing his wealth of knowledge and helping to bring new services to life.


Alec Smith
Services Administrator

Langford A122

Alec focuses on Windows systems administration for the college, encompassing support for our virtual infrastructure, internal and external support tools and services, and higher-tier support as needed.


Benny Stephen Chan Lee
Software Applications Developer I


Benny is now the college's full-time back-end web developer. He will be working on web infrastructure projects for the College.


Oscar Reyes
IT Professional I

Langford A122

Oscar is a recent addition to the ITS family.  He has come on board as a recent Texas A&M grad and is responsible for building out resources in the college's rendering pipeline.



Stephen Johnson
End-User Support Specialist I

Langford A122

Steve is a recent addition to the ITS family.  He has come on board as a recent Texas A&M grad and is responsible for the day to day technician's operation.



Aidan Riley
End-User Support Specialist I

Langford A122

Aidan is also a recent addition to the ITS family.  He has come on board as a recent Texas A&M grad and is responsible for the day to day technician's operation together with Steve.


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