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Centers, Institutes, & Labs

One distinctive feature of the College of Architecture is its commitment to improving the knowledge base of the planning, design, and construction professions through research. The College of Architecture has one of the most active research programs in the country. Research activity is focused upon the college's formally organized research centers, institutes, and various laboratories.


Center for Health Systems & Design (CHSD)
Director: Dr. Ray Pentecost

Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC)
Director: Dr. Kevin Glowacki

Center for Housing & Urban Development (CHUD)
Director: Dr. Galen Newman

CRS Center for Leadership & Management in the Design & Construction Industry
Director: Dr. Mark Clayton

Hazard Reduction & Recovery Center (HRRC)
Director: Dr. Michelle Meyer


Institute for Applied Creativity (IAC)
Director: Dr. Hwaryoung Seo

Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC)
Director: Dr. Jorge Vanegas

Texas A&M Institute of Technology-Infused Learning (TITIL)
Director: Dr. Francis Quek


Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Lab
Director: Dr. Ann McNamara

Director: Dr. Mark Clayton

Connected Informatics and Built Environment Research (CIBER) Lab
Director: Amir Behzadan

Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Lab for Construction (DAC)
Director: Dr. H. David Jeong

Human-Centered Intelligent Built Environments (HIBE) Lab
Director: Ashrant Aryal

Innovations for Infrastructure Deploying, Excellence, Acceleration, and Sustainability (i2dEAS) Lab
Director: Dr. Kunhee Choi

Resource-Based Design Research Lab
Director: Dr. Ahmed Ali

Sensing and Analytics for Sustainable and Resilient Environments Lab
Director: Dr. Youngjib Ham

Smart and Sustainable Construction (SCC) Research Group
Director: Dr. Ryan Ahn

Soft Interaction Lab
Director: Dr. J. Hwaryoung Seo

T4T Lab
Director: Professor Gabriel Esquivel