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Texas A&M University College of Architecture

Student Organizations

African Student Association: a student-run socio-cultural organization. ASA strives to foster a culturally diverse environment and increase unity among all students.

Aggieland Mariachi: This organization shall strive to serve, promote and make an impact in the community by enriching the environment with the Hispanic Heritage of a traditional mariachi ensemble.

Brazilian Student Organization: an official Texas A&M University organization. Our main goals are to support the Brazilian student community, and organize events to share our culture with Aggieland.

Chinese Student Association: To unite and assist all students at Texas A&M University who are interested in learning about the Chinese culture.

Colombian Student Association: Increase awareness of Colombia at Texas A&M University.

Council For Minority Student Affairs : a student-led organization at Texas A&M University that aims to create awareness, provide resources, and take action to empower the undocumented/deferred action immigrant and other underrepresented communities.

Excellence Uniting Culture, Education, & Leadership: a student organization designed to help new African American students to find academic, social, and personal balance at Texas A&M. 

Hindu Students' Association: The purpose of Hindu Student Association shall be to spread the awareness of Hindu religion and culture, while promoting individual spiritual growth.

Hong Kong Student Association: a student organization that aims to build up an intimate Cantonese society on campus.

Indian Student Association: The purpose of this organization is to promote the integration of American and South East Asian cultures, the union and understanding of the different cultures of the Indian subcontinent, and the interaction between the organization and the surrounding community. 

Indian Graduate Student Association: Our purpose is to serve Indian graduate students (those already on campus as well as the new incoming graduates) and their families at Texas A&M University.

International Student Association: The purpose of the International Student Association (ISA) is to foster a greater understanding among the students of all nations attending Texas A&M University without any bias to any particular ethnic, sexual, religious, or political cause. 

Korean Student Association: The Korean Student Organization focuses on involvement of the Korean students in the student activities and interaction with international students in the community by social, educational, and service-oriented activities.

Latinx Community and Advocacy Association: To advance the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, health and civil rights of the Latinx population in the United States, BCS community, and our campus.

LGBTQ Aggies: To provide support for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expression at Texas A&M University.

Malaysian Student Organization: To gather Malaysian students who are enrolled in the Texas A&M University 

Mexican Student Organization:  promote the Mexican culture and values at Texas A&M University.

MSC CAMAC: A Latinx Programming Committee works on uniting students from diverse backgrounds by presenting programs that enrich the awareness and understanding of Latina/o cultures and values.

Muslim Student Association: The purpose of the MSA will be to serve the best interest of Islam and Muslims of Texas A&M University.

National Hispanic Institute:  Aid in the development of Leadership Professionalism, Cultural Awareness, and Public Speaking.

Pakistan Student Association: Our main objective is to promote the identity of the Pakistani culture on campus and to create and maintain a forum to discuss issues relating to Pakistanis and to organize academic and recreational activities to promote an understanding of the Pakistani culture and heritage and to increase awareness and bring about integrity.

Persian Student Association: The purpose of the Persian Student Association shall be to bring together the Persian student body at Texas A&M University through community service, cultural ceremonies, and recreational activities.

Phillipine Student Association: Our goals are to promote unity and brotherhood among Filipino students at Texas A&M University, to enhance awareness of the Filipino culture in the university, to foster goodwill and to develop a working relationship with the student body of Texas A&M, and to achieve academic excellence.

Sri Lanka Association: To promote the unity, culture, and spirit among Sri Lankans and to foster understanding of Sri Lankan culture among the university community.

Student Conference on Latinx Affairs: a student organization that focuses on the creation and execution of a three-day conference in which participants have the chance to hear from a wide array of speakers ranging from professionals within the academic, government, business, and media sector.

Taiwanese American Student Association:  social/cultural organization dedicated to providing a sense of community for Taiwanese Americans, as well as those interested in Taiwanese American culture.

Taiwanese Student Association:  promoting the understanding and awareness of Taiwan's culture, history, politics, society, economics, etc.

Thai Student Association: The purpose of the Thai Student Association is to bring together individuals who are interested in Thailand and Thai people, culture, and values; and to share Thai tradition with the University, the Bryan/College Station community, and beyond.

Turkish Student Association: The Turkish Student Association strives to serve its members and the University and Bryan/College Station community through social and educational activities that promote and represent Turkey.

Vietnamese Students' Association: Our objective is to unite the students who want to spread the Vietnamese culture and also have the desire to learn about it.