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C.L.U.E.S. (Cultural Leadership Understanding and Exploration For Scholars)


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C.L.U.E.S (Culture Leadership Understanding and Exploration for Scholars) is a learning community developed by the Department of Multicultural Services and the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications. C.L.U.E.S. is a one-year course-credited program for students that focuses on multiculturalism, diversity/cultural sensitivity, and inclusive leadership.

Texas A&M University has placed diversity at the core of its ultimate goal of being one of the top ten institutions by the year 2020. The Department of Multicultural Services has and will continue to play an integral role in providing multiple support services for current and prospective students from underrepresented populations while developing diversity education programs that foster inclusive learning environments for all students.

In light of racially charged incidences that occurred during the fall of 2006, and the underdeveloped holistic understanding of true leadership by many undergraduate students, the Department of Multicultural Services views this learning community as a means of cluing students in on life-changing knowledge and skills that will positively impact their future.

Race, Identity, and Social Equity (R.I.S.E) Fellowship and Conference 

Rise Conference logo


RISE Initiative

Texas A&M University Race, Identity & Social Equity (RISE) Fellowship provides undergraduate students from various disciplines an opportunity to conduct research with emphasis on race, identity and social equity. Students are selected to attend the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (NCORE) in American Higher Education and later present their research at the TAMU RISE Conference in spring.  Applicants are selected based on their academic interests and achievements as well as their leadership interests and experience.

Interested in being a RISE Fellow? View the RISE application packet.

RISE Conference

TAMU Race Identity and Social Equity (RISE) Initiative, formally known as the Student Diversity Summit, is a yearlong program that provides students with a better understanding of race, identity and social equity in higher education.

TAMU RISE includes an annual conference, and fellowship opportunity which allows selected student leaders to attend the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity known as NCORE, conduct research during fall semester, and present findings to the campus community at the RISE Conference.

Through meaningful dialogues, the annual conference seeks to cultivate understanding of diversity and establish a brave space and open environment for discussions on issues that impact Texas A&M and beyond.

TAMU RISE Initiative is modeled after the Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity (ISCORE) Program.


Cultural Explorations 

Student members of Cultural Explorations stand in a field.

Cultural Explorations are student experiences, where applied, student-centered exploration align with culture and scholarship.  The purpose of the program is to purposefully engage students in experiences and focused reflection to increase knowledge, develop skills, explore values, and develop students’ capacities to contribute to the Texas A&M University campus community and beyond.

Stay tuned on the upcoming trips.

Previous Cultural Trips:

Lunar New Year in Houston 2018 27th Annual Pow Wow Championship, November 2016

Aggies2Aggies (A2A)

Aggies to Aggies Peer Diversity Education

Aggies to Aggies (A2A), a peer diversity education program housed in the Department of Multicultural Services, seeks to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within our communities. A2A uses an array of activities to enhance students’ understandings of these topics and what it means to be a socially conscious Aggie.

Request an A2A workshop.

Heritage Months

Heritage months are cultural celebrations to help better explain the stories and histories of each ethnic culture. These cultural celebrations provide an opportunity to recognize the complete richness of each cultural identity. At Texas A&M, different cultural councils provide spaces to teach and learn about cultural history and examine ways in which these cultures are viewed within American discourse.

Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month

Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month is a month to celebrate and pay tribute to the contributions generations of Asian/Pacific Americans have made to American history, society and culture. The month of May was chosen to commemorate the immigration of the first Japanese to the United States on May 7, 1843, and to mark the anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad on May 10, 1869--the majority of the workers who laid the tracks were Chinese immigrants. The Asian President’s Council along with other organizations host community events during APIDA Heritage Month.

Black History Month

The Black Student Alliance Council (BSAC) along with several other campus and community entities host events for the annual campus recognition and celebration of Black History Month.  Campus and community attendees experience the importance and impact of Black history and leave with the contention that Black history is American history.

Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) is the period to recognize the contributions of Hispanic Americans to the United States and to celebrate Hispanic heritage and culture. The observation started in 1968 as Hispanic Heritage Week under President Lyndon Johnson and was expanded by President Ronald Reagan in 1988 to cover a 30-day period starting on September 15 and ending on October 15. It was enacted into law on August 17, 1988 on the approval of Public Law 100-402. The Hispanic Presidents Council (HPC) along with other organizations on our campus and community host events during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference (SBSLC)

Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference logo

In 1989, innovative collegians at Texas A&M University produced a forum by which African American students in the southwest could assemble to address the problems and concerns that affected the Black community. The Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference is held each January, uniting hundreds of students and advisors, nationally renowned speakers and a variety of corporations from throughout the entire country.

Aggie Agora

Aggie Agora from the College of Liberal Arts

The Aggie Agora is a new tradition at Texas A&M University – our mission is to facilitate public discourse and civic engagement on the TAMU campus and throughout the state of Texas. We are a non-partisan group aiming to support the University’s Strengthening Democracy Initiative. Through workshops, lectures, and special events, Aggie Agora offers the Texas A&M campus community a variety of opportunities to promote civic engagement.

Accountability, Climate, and Equity (ACE) Awards

ACE Awards

The ACE Awards recognize the appreciation of our diversity, which involves an exploration of individual differences in a safe, positive, welcoming and nurturing, academic environment.  The ACE Awards center the three overarching goals of the Diversity Plan: Accountability, Climate, and Equity, which are infused throughout the award categories and are considered criteria for nomination. The ACE Awards acknowledge and honor students, faculty and staff in honor of their demonstrated commitment to the Texas A&M core value of RESPECT by promoting respectful treatment of others, affirming and encouraging individuals to take pride in their social and cultural identities, and including all in their definition of the “Aggie Family.”


Past Enhancing Diversity Seminar Series

A series of presentations and dialogues covering diversity research presented by faculty, staff or students at Texas A&M.