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Texas A&M University College of Architecture

XYZ Atlas Project

The XYZ Atlas asks why we feel a sense of belonging to a place by mapping experiences and collecting stories that document our highs and lows. The XYZ Atlas is an interactive public art project. We create art, maps, and activations that affect community health and well-being, urban planning, and cultural tourism with diverse outreach strategies to reach art lovers and underserved communities of all ages. XYZ Atlas: The Experience Map of Bryan & College Station is a collaboration with Texas A&M University to reach underserved neighbors, visitors and residents with funding from the Mid-America Arts Alliance and the National Endowment for the Arts. Collecting 1,500+ responses from the diverse residents of Bryan and College Station, XYZ Atlas aggregated data on collective experiences and emotion well-being with important ramifications for urban planning, public health, and community-building in Brazos Valley’s most vulnerable populations. The final XYZ Atlas maps of Bryan/College Station help residents and community planners alike understand how factors like place and background influence emotional well-being on a geographic scale.


XYZ Atlas BCS 2016-2017 / ArchOne Article

XYZ Atlas TAMU Build Day 2016

XYZ Atlas GIS Day 2015


XYZ Atlas: the Experience Map of Bryan and College Station