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Diversity Hackathon

Each year, the Diversity Council hosts a 24-hour event to challenge participants to solve diversity-related issues using creative thinking and problem solving. This event encourages dialogue about diversity and inclusion topics on TAMU campus and beyond among students, faculty and staff in a creative, collaborative and interdisciplinary environment.


Diversity Certificate

The Diversity Certificate Program enables undergraduate students to create, synthesize and integrate academic coursework, co-curricular experience, and service learning engagement in order to demonstrate their preparedness for participation in the modern global economy.


Diversity Peer Advisor Leaders (DPAL) Program

The “Diversity Peer Advisor Leader” (DPAL) program consists of trained student mentors who assist international students as they enter the United States, College Station, Texas A&M University, and the College of Architecture.



Excellence in Diversity Award

The College of Architecture Diversity Council sponsors the “Excellence in Diversity Award” to recognize and honor the efforts of students, both undergraduate and graduate, that strive to promote understanding and appreciation of diversity in their academic studies.


Conversation Partners

The Conversation Partner Program is a volunteer program that pairs international students, staff and faculty with students, staff and faculty from the United States to assist with English conversation skill development, building cross-cultural relationships among students, staff and faculty and increasing cross-school communication.


Past Projects