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Suggested Topics

It may be helpful to have a list of topics on-hand to help facilitate the first few conversations. The list below is a starter (and by no means exhaustive!).


Objective: Learn about special days throughout the year and how they are celebrated by law or custom.

Preparation: Bring a current 12-month calendar to the meeting. Make a list of holidays celebrated in your country.

Topic Ideas: 

Travel and Transportation 

Objective: Learn about geography and tourist attractions.

Preparation: Bring an atlas or maps of the world, U.S.A., Texas, and partner’s country to the session.

Topic Ideas: 


Objective: Learn about daily meals and special menus for celebrations and possibly try new foods and exchange recipes.


Topic Ideas: 


Objective: Learn about family structures (nuclear or extended), values, and domestic lifestyles.

Preparation: Bring a family photo, photo album, or family tree to the session.

Topic Ideas: 


Objective: Learn about the types of jobs available and most common in each other’s countries. Learn about employment opportunities on campus, in the area, and abroad.

Preparation: Bring a classified ads page from the newspaper or illustrate using the web.

Topic Ideas: