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Texas A&M University College of Architecture


AWARDS for best project for each Challenge: 



Project which will show an innovative solution creatively employing knowledge and from a variety of disciplines. To be able to qualify for this Award, minimum two partners from different disciplines must be present in the team. Teams competing for this prize must state during their Final presentation what disciplines they come from and how the project benefits from their expertise.

 People's Choice winner will be voted on by all participants. Please note the voting will be through Devpost - to be able to vote, you need to be registered.

 Project which will imagine audacious, highly speculative, even impractical ideas or schemes for the future of TAMU campus without barriers. 

 Project which will show most promise for implementation. A low-budget solution to deliver a high-impact change, erasing or overcoming accessibility barriers on TAMU campus. 

 Best looking submission. 

Project with the most impact for the least monetary investment.

 This award is reserved for the judges to determine on the day of the event - after the Show & Tell presentations.

Awards and Prizes will be split equally among team members and delivered within 5 business days in the form of digital e-cards. Organizers reserve the right to change Awards, Prizes and monetary amounts.