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Texas A&M University College of Architecture

Conversation Partners


The College of Architecture Conversation Partner Program is a volunteer program that pairs international students, staff and faculty with students, staff and faculty from the United States. Participants are matched with one another to assist with English conversation skill development, building cross-cultural relationships among students, staff and faculty and increasing cross-school communication. This program strives to build bridges between international participants and US participants through communication and interaction.

Reasons Participants Join the Program:

- To improve language speaking abilities;

- To learn about other cultures;

- To make a new friend from a different culture;

- To share in communication and cultural experiences; and

- To expand one’s worldview.


Expectations of the Program:

- A one semester commitment;

- Attend Conversation Partner orientation meeting;

- Expected to meet for a minimum of one hour, once a week;

- Expected to meet either on campus, or in a mutually agreeable and convenient location; and

- Respond to a survey about your experience at the end of the semester.


Intended Outcomes: 

- Boost confidence in English language proficiency and fluency;

- Enhanced cultural experience; and
- Increased comfort in engaging in dialogue across campus with students, staff and faculty.


Share your experience: