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Diversity Council Spotlight:
Mingqian Liu

Tell us about yourself.

I am a native of Beijing, China. I came to the United States for college and stayed for my graduate studies. Currently I am finishing up with my Doctoral Degree in Architecture with a concentration in Historic Preservation. Raised by a Manchurian Chinese family, I grew up being very interested in arts and culture everywhere around the world.


What is your favorite part about being an Aggie/working for Texas A&M?

My cohort in the College of Architecture come from very different backgrounds. My favorite part is to be able to study and work in an environment where people value each other’s experience and opinions. As a huge sports fan, I also love the college sports scene here in College Station.


Why did you choose to become involved in the Diversity Council?

Diversity is an important issue to me and a vital part of my personal value. I believe that a diverse team of people working together can tackle a lot of problems we have but may feel invalidated or powerless if we face them as individuals. The Diversity Council gives me a platform and safe space, where I can advocate for positive changes, provide service and programming to other Aggies, and address issues that may potentially impact a lot of people.


What have you learned about yourself while being involved with the Diversity Council?

Through working for the Diversity Council as a Graduate Assistant, I learned about different teamwork mechanisms and leadership styles, and was able to find the ones that worked best for me. I also realized the importance of being patient and persistent, as larger projects usually take much longer time and extensive collaborations.


How has the Diversity Council influenced your Aggie experience?

Through Diversity Council programs and events, I got to know and work with people from many different departments, administrative units, student organizations, and off-campus communities. This dramatically expanded my social network and allowed me to appreciate the values and efforts other people bring to the table.


What is your job/involvement outside of the Diversity Council?

I also work for Texas A&M’s Center for Teaching Excellence, where I share my perspectives in classroom teaching with other international TAs. I’ve been a mentor for International Student Mentor Association for three years, helping incoming international students to transit into Aggieland and feel more at home. I write bi-weekly blog pieces for the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies, sharing my experience in teaching, research, and campus life.


Tell us about your personal definition of leadership, and your role as a Diversity Council member?

I believe a leader is always a role model for the entire team. They should have the eyes to see each person’s strengths and weaknesses, be able to communicate across cultures, and be confident to work with people with various abilities, values, and personalities. As a member of the Diversity Council, I see myself as a collaborator and facilitator, bringing in creative ideas from all members and contributing my own expertise to different projects.


What are your plans for the future?

I would love to continue working with diverse people and cultures in the future. My career goal is to become a public educator in educational or cultural institutions anywhere in the world. The experience of working for the Diversity Council will help me in so many different ways as I apply the transferable skills I learned here to my future jobs.