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Diversity Certificate

What is the Diversity Certificate?

The College of Liberal Arts, College of Architecture and Department of Multicultural Services have joined together for the creation of a Diversity Certificate Program for Texas A&M University.

Drawing from existing courses, programs and associations within the university, the Diversity Certificate Program will enable its students to create, synthesize and integrate academic coursework, co-curricular experience, and service learning engagement in order to demonstrate their preparedness for participation in the modern global economy.


Apply for the Diversity Certificate program


A student’s perspective

“It was a personal goal of mine. I’ve always been passionate about bigger causes like disabilities and speaking through my art about racism. I think completing the certificate has given me another perspective on how to look at things. It was definitely a good thing to be a part of.”
— Carolina Pereira ‘17


For more information about the Diversity Certificate, please contact the coordinator of this certificate at the Department of Multicultural Services, Dr. Marisa Suhm (