Lauren Griffith

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Landscape Architecture
Griffith, who earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree in 1979, is the founder and president of Lauren Griffith Associates, a firm that has provided landscape architecture services for projects in Houston that have changed the city’s face and created precedents for active public spaces throughout Texas. “She has worked on some of the most important public initiatives in the city with nationally and internationally known teams,” said Mary Margaret Jones ‘79, senior principal in charge at Hargreaves Associates, a San Francisco-based landscape architecture firm. Griffth’s firm helped turn 12 acres of parking lots in downtown Houston into Discovery Green, a major urban park that hosts almost a million visitors a year. “Discovery Green is enjoying its fifth anniversary and is credited as the catalyst for close to a billion dollars in directly adjacent private development,” said Jones. Griffith’s downtown Houston contributions also include Market Square, where she was the lead consultant in the revitalization of a historically prominent but long-neglected park. “She deftly combined urban landscape historical memory, art, activity and commerce to create a park that helped transform where I have lived and worked since 1995,” said architecture consultant Guy Hagstette. “Every day, I marvel at the life and beauty of a place that was once so forlorn.” Griffth was the landscape architect on numerous other award-winning projects, including Hermann Park Trails, Herman Brown Park and Bloch Cancer Survivors’ Plaza. Although she has kept her firm small so she can be personally involved with each project, Lauren Griffith Associates has been listed among the top 10 Houston firms based on gross revenues by the Houston Business Journal. An active volunteer in numerous civic initiatives, Griffith has donated professional service to the city of Houston’s SPARK Program, which develops parks for after-hours public use on school grounds. Griffith has volunteered on 18 SPARK projects since the program’s inception in 1985. “Her talents extend beyond great design,” said Hagstette. “She is very good at engaging the general public and her communication skills allow her to work with multifaceted client groups and find common ground. She also thinks broadly and beyond the built project to how a landscape will evolve and be managed over time.”
Photo of Lauren Griffith