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2003 Outstanding Alumni

The College of Architecture Outstanding Alumni Awards recognize former students whose extraordinary talents, ambition and work ethics have strengthened and enhanced their disciplines and the organizations for which they have worked.

Congratulations to our 2003 honorees. We recognize their incredible achievements and contributions and thank them for their fearless and exemplary leadership by example. We are proud to call them our outstanding alumni.


Name Class Year Degree Profession
Naud Burnett II 1947 LAND Landscape Architecture
Alan B. Colyer 1981 LAND Landscape Architecture
Marvin G. Daniels 1971 BED, M-ARCH Architecture
Key Kolb 1957 ARCH Architecture
Joe R. Walker 1955 ARCH Construction


Outstanding Alumni Award

Do you know of a former student who is a candidate for the Texas A&M College of Architecture’s highest honor? 

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