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Wonpil Kim

At a Glance

Class Year: 1997

Award Year: 2002

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Urban and Regional Science

Profession: Education


Wonpil Kim '97 (URSC) is a professor of the School of Architecture at Seoul National University of Science & Technology in Korea. His research now focuses on urban multi-family, the elderly housing design and planning, health care facilities, cultural issues in residential environment, post occupancy evaluation (P.O.E), and sustainable urban development strategies. He attained his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University in 1997 after finishing a Master of Architecture program at the University of Oklahoma. He has worked and is certified as a construction engineer and registered architect for the National Housing Research Institute before he was appointed dean (Mar. 2000~June 2003) of the School of Architecture, Youngsan University. As dean, he initiated three groundbreaking professional degree programs, including programs in five-year degree architecture, construction science, and interior design which followed U.S. education model as the first in the nation. He is now serving as Editor-in-chief of Korea Community Development Society where he earned Scholastic Award in 2005.