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Fredrick J. Trost

At a Glance

Class Year: 1969

Award Year: 2002

Degree: Master of Architecture

Profession: Education


The late Frederick "Jerry" Trost '69 (ARCH) was for many years one of the students' favorite professors in the Texas A&M College of Architecture. A 1961 Bachelor of Architecture graduate of Columbia University, Trost came to A&M as a research architect in 1967 and completed his Master of Architecture studies in 1969. He was an author, researcher, leader, mentor, student and most importantly, an exquisite teacher. His professional career encompassed a commission, practicing architecture, and exciting thousands of students about building lighting and mechanical systems. He wrote two widely recognized books on building mechanical systems which he kept up to date throughout his career. He had a unique artistic talent and sense of humor that is clearly revealed in the hand-drawn illustrations in his texts. His sketches and watercolor paintings were also widely admired, and he was a frequent contributor to several editions of the Architectural Graphics Standards. He received a Distinguished Teaching Award from the university in 1985.