Langford C

Home to the Department of Visualization

Langford C is home to all things visualization for the College of Architecture including department offices, classrooms and labs.

The building serves as its own gallery with projects displayed along walls and around every corner. Walking through, you may see detailed sculptures, elaborate drawings and 3D models all produced by students.

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Creative Center

Visualization studios have students create hands-on learning projects involving models, animations and various other types of art work. Our students have used these skills to go on to work for companies like Disney/Pixar, Dreamworks and Sony Pictures. 

Students can hone skills and learn various techniques in our state-of-the-art lab facilities:

  • Learning Interactive Visualization Experience (LIVE) Lab 
  • VIRL Lab (virtual reality)
  • Soft Interaction Lab
  • Students work on animation projects in a Viz Lab
    Visualization labs provide students the technology and software required to design and animate their projects.
  • Classroom of students attentitively listen from their moveable desks
    Langford C also includes lecture halls for instructing large class capacities.
  • Students walk past the sculptures located near the Langford C stairwell
    Displaying sculptures, paintings and projects throughout the hallways and staircases, Langford C achieves its gallery-like atmosphere.
  • Backview of empty lecture hall in Langford C
    The college’s center for visualization education, Langford C has smaller classrooms that facilitate student and professor collaboration.
  • Exterior first-floor entrance to Langford C
    The wheelchair accessible entrance to Langford C is also located across from a university bus stop, offering transportation to various points across campus.