Invaluable lessons are offered through walking tours in sites of wide variety: historic/contemporary buildings, bridges, neighborhoods, exhibits and gardens. Students visit the major cities of Edinburgh, York, Oxford and London.

The summer study abroad program is offered every year during Summer Session I, lasting roughly the full month of June. This program starts in London, where students have the opportunity to visit various active construction sites, meet with solicitors and barristers, and enjoy many of the amazing sights, sounds, and tastes that London has to offer. In addition to London, the summer program has also visited Ireland, Scotland and Germany, with the itinerary varying slightly every summer to maximize the opportunities for students. This program offers students the opportunity for maximum travel and impact, while giving up the minimal amount of time away from "home" here in the States.


The Summer II program will focus on Field Studies in Design Philosophy and Design Communications.  Students will have the opportunity to experience the rich culture of Great Britain through visits to sites of historical significance and also numerous examples of modern architecture and design.