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The Department of Construction Science has two study abroad programs for upper level construction management students offered in alternating years. However, because of the course work offered on these programs, with some planning students should be able to take advantage of either of these programs at any point while they are in upper level.  Both programs are led by full time Construction Science faculty and allow students to get credit for upper level COSC courses required in their degree program while also experiencing life, culture and the construction industry in Western Europe.

Spring Study Abroad

The semester long program, Wingtips, Work boots, & Wigs, is a study abroad and internship experience packaged together in one 19-week program (a semester +). The Wingtips, Work boots, & Wigs program offers students the chance to earn up to 15 credit hours of upper-level credit, focused primarily on legal and risk management issues in construction in the US and abroad. Because of the internship component and UK visa requirements, the program takes place entirely within the UK, and is based in London. However, students will travel as a group to multiple places of note in and around Great Britain, and will also have several opportunities for individual travel throughout Europe.

This program is unique in that it allows students to fulfill both their internship requirement and their semester away requirement while also earning up to 15 credit hours. Many students taking advantage of this program are able to graduate a semester earlier than would otherwise be possible. Like the summer program, the semester long study abroad and internship program is currently offered every spring.  Satisfies College of Architecture semester away requirement.

Spring Semester courses in the UK will include:

COSC 463. Introduction to Construction Law. Credit 3.

Introduction to basic contract and tort issues and their application in the construction industry; delineation of the various types of contracts and remedies available to parties involved in a construction project; additional related topics including bidding, delays, mechanics liens, site conditions, warranties and the Uniform Commercial Code as it relates to the construction industry, introduction to legal research and reasoning as used by professional constructors.

COSC 465. Advanced Topics in Construction Law. Credit 3.

Legal issues affecting construction, including the parties to construction work, contracting, responsibilities and risk, risk management, damages, handling of claims and disputes, indemnification, bonds, insurance, bankruptcy, labor and employment, and subcontract management; litigation and alternative dispute resolution methods regularly used in the construction industry.

COSC 468. Risk Management in the Built Environment. Credit 3.

Decision-making and risk analysis concepts in the context of the built environment and construction projects; major categories and tools of risk management regularly used in the construction industry such as contracts, insurance and bonds.

COSC 485. Directed Studies. Credit 1-5.

Special problems in building construction.

COSC 381. Professional Ethics in the Construction Industry. Credit 1.

Principles of ethical behavior in preparation for a professional internship with a construction or construction-related company; various construction company case studies emphasizing personal accountability, integrity, moral courage, individual, association and company codes of conduct; accepted business practices, decision making, company cultures, peer pressure, public opinion.



Spring Break Field Trip

This course involves overseas travel to London and Bircham Newton to participate in a project known as “Constructionarium" To learn more please visit:( The field trip class provides an opportunity for students in Construction Science to plan and complete a project in an international environment within a one-week window of time, learning to adapt to the surrounding environment and observe unique characteristics of the construction industry. Students will organize and manage the construction of a scale replica project to be selected on site. Oversight and critique will come from international construction professionals. Trip includes two nights in London at the conclusion of the program’s activities.

Brochure for Spring Break Trip ( 409.5 KB)

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Brochure for Spring Break Trip (Icon 409.5 KB)