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Texas A&M University College of Architecture

New Student Conference - Study Abroad PresentationStudy Abroad Programs

We offer a number of faculty led programs that provide for fall, spring, and summer study abroad opportunities. Students that participate in fall and spring study abroad programs can at the same time fulfill the college-wide undergraduate Semester Away requirement. Our study abroad programs are fundamentally multidisciplinary (Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Design, Planning, Construction, Art, and Culture) and open to students of our peer institutions at national and international level, if space is available.

Special Note: 

Students from other Texas schools and SEC schools (through our Academic Consortium agreement) may apply for our study abroad programs in the College of Architecture.

For more information, contact:
Leslie H. Feigenbaum
Associate Dean for International Programs & Initiatives

Denisse I. McCoy
Administrative Coordinator



 NSC-Study Abroad Presentation

Current Programs:

Fall and Spring: