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Texas A&M University College of Architecture


Founded in 1971, Universidad Francisco Marroquin (UFM) is located in the heart of Guatemala City’s most prestigious residential and business area. The 40-acre campus is located in a wooded ravine, with ample parking and controlled access. The modern buildings include computer facilities with Internet access.

Special design studios and travel to historic sites highlight Texas A&M University’s undergraduate reciprocal exchange with UFM’s Department of Architecture. Most UFM students are bilingual and instruction is provided in English for A&M students; however, arrangements can be made for an intensive summer course in Spanish.

Student accommodations can be arranged with local families or at a residential facility in walking distance to the university.

Due to the reciprocal nature of the College of Architecture’s exchange programs, Texas A&M students can meet students from UFM in College Station and establish friendships before participating in the program in Guatemala.

Contact Dr. Forster Ndubisi or Dr. Elton Abbott, AIA for information.