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University Studies Curriculum

University Studies – Global Arts, Planning, Design & Construction is a unique degree plan that is made just for you! With a foundational knowledge of global art, planning, design and construction along with the 2 minors you select, each degree plan is as unique as you are!

We are housed in the College of Architecture. Each degree plan consists of the following:

*All University Studies - Global Arts, Planning, Design & Construction students are required to participate in a 5 week, faculty-led summer study abroad program.  If a student wishes to participate in a 15 week study abroad program they are welcome to do so.

Concentration Courses
Minor #1
Minor #2
Electives & Prerequisite Courses
TAMU Core Curriculum Courses

 For more details, view the program requirements on the course catalog.

College of Architecture Concentration

In the Global Arts, Planning, Design & Construction Concentration, students learn about architectural theory, design, construction, urban and regional planning. Students also learn transferable skills that can help them with not only their careers, but with student organizations, personal relationships and any dealings with others. Your courses will prepare you to work within the field of architecture.


The combination of minors you choose is up to you and your desired career path. The only restriction with minors is that at least one minor must be outside the College of Architecture.

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Common Minor Combinations by Career Goal

(not restricted to these) 

Graphic Designer:

Art Teacher:


*to become a licensed Architect, student must attend graduate school

Landscape Architect*:

*to become a licensed Landscape Architect, student must attend graduate school

Land Developers or Real Estate Agents:

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For additional information regarding the university studies program, please contact:

Alondra Rojas
Academic Advisor

Michael Clement
Academic Advisor