Construction Science Upper-Level Requirements

Due Dates
Summer Admission March 1st - 5 PM
Fall Admission June 1st - 5 PM
Spring Admission October 1st - 5 PM

Fall application opens April 1st. Spring application opens 1st day of Fall semester. Summer application opens 1st day of Spring semester. 

In order to be admitted into Upper-Level Construction Science (COSC) you must meet the following criteria by the end of the current semester:

  • Completion of all required courses as outlined in the Upper-Level application
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher at Texas A&M University
  • All transfer credit must be received by Texas A&M University by the start of the following semester

By clicking here I acknowledge that I have read and understand all Upper-Level requirements and will complete the Upper-Level application to the best of my knowledge for the Construction Science Department.

COSC Upper-Level Request Form