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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I drop a class?

To drop a class after add/drop week, you will need to submit a Q-drop form. Students receive 4 Q-drops to use at Texas A&M University. You will need to fill out the form and email it to your advisor with your TAMU email. You do not need to make an appointment to drop a class, but you are more than welcome to, if you would like to discuss options with your advisors. There is a deadline every semester for Q-drops, so make sure you contact your advisor for the deadline date each semester. 

How do I declare a minor?

If it is a minor within your major department, the College of Architecture, the Business minor, or the History minor, you can do one of the following:

If the minor is outside of your major department/College of Architecture, you should schedule a meeting to get that department’s approval (signature) before submitting the form to your major advisor.

How do I find the tutoring schedule or academic help resources?

For a comprehensive list of Texas A&M University resources:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Subject Area to view resources available for specific subjects.
  3. Select Type of Support to view resources available by type of support (i.e., Tutoring, Help Desk, Peer Mentoring, Academic Coaching, Supplemental Instruction, etc.)
  4. Email your advisor for more info.

I had a hold on my account and it’s removed now, but my registration time has passed. What do I do?

You will need to wait until open registration to register for your classes.

It says I have a Degree Planner hold on my account. What is that?

Degree Planner is a university requirement and must be submitted every year between March and September. A hold will be placed on your account on October 1st if you do not have an approved degree planner.

How can I get to my Degree Planner?

To find Degree Planner, go to Howdy My Record tab, and Degree Planner should have its own bubble. There are PDF instructions that will walk you through how to complete a Degree Planner.

How can I submit my Degree Planner?

You need to fill out your degree planner correctly, then submit to your advisor. To submit Degree Planner, go to the “Degree Evaluation” tab, scroll all the way down, and select Submit to Advisor.

It says I have a Past Due Account Balance hold. How can I get that removed?

You need to contact Student Business Services. You will need to pay your outstanding balance in order for the hold to be removed.

Title IX Haven Hold

Starting in Fall 2017, all incoming students are required to complete the Title IX Sexual Harassment Training known as Haven. You will need to go into the Student Life tab on Howdy, and click the undergraduate training under the “Required Training” heading. You can find more information here:

All Other Holds

You will need to contact the department where the hold originated. You should be able to look up information under the My Record tab on Howdy. Click Holds and you should find contact information next to the Hold name.

I’m trying to register for a course and I keep getting a Student Attribute Restriction?

If you are registering for any Life and Physical Science course, you will need to complete a Lab Safety Acknowledgement first. This has to be done every semester you are registering for a Life and Physical Science course.

If it is not a Life and Physical Science course, then you need to check the course restrictions. You are more than likely trying to register for a course that is reserved for specific majors. Go to the course in Howdy, click “Restrictions”, “Prerequisites” or “Course Description” under the course, and you should see any specific course restrictions labeled. Common courses that have these restrictions: ENGL 210, ARCH 250, ARTS 150, ARCH 249, ACCT 209, and MGMT 209. Check the other sections. There may be one available for all majors.

How do I know my Registration Time?

You can check this in your Howdy My Record tab under the Registration heading. Choose Registration Time Assignment-CS.

What courses should I take?

You should make a plan to meet with your advisor at least a month before your registration time to discuss courses to register for. It is your job as a student to come to your advising appointment with an idea of the courses that you want to take. Your advisor is there to offer advice and recommendations based on what you choose to take.

How do I get forced into a class?

If it is a College of Architecture course, fill out the force request and list the reason why you need to be forced in. The force request link will open on the first day of pre-registration and close on the first day of open registration.

If outside of the College of Architecture, you will need to contact that department specifically to see if they have force requests available.

There are no force requests for ENGL 104, ENGL 210, or COMM 203.

How do I check to see if a course transfers for another college or university?

Use the TAMU Course Equivalency to look up if your course will transfer. You can search by the specific TAMU course or by the college/university.

How do I change my major into a College of Architecture major?

First, you should check the website for change of major requirements and deadlines. Then, contact the appropriate advisor to see if there are any additional competitive requirements.

How do I schedule an appointment with an advisor?

I’m trying to schedule an appointment for today, but it won’t let me?

Appointments must be made 24 hours in advance. The earliest you can schedule an appointment is for tomorrow, if the advisor is available.

What if my advisor’s schedule isn’t showing any availability?

The Navigate system allows students to book appointments up to two weeks in advance. If there are no appointments available, that means that your advisor is booked for the next two weeks. You should check back tomorrow to see if the date two weeks from then opens up, then keep checking. Some students may cancel their appointments and open a spot for an earlier advising appointment.