Camp Arch

CAMP ARCH is July 13 - July 19, 2014

1 Solid Week of Design, Learning and Fun

New Photos!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the latest Camp Arch! We have posted photos of the event for parents, family, and friends can view. Enjoy!

CAMP ARCH... What is it?

Camp Arch is an exclusive week-long interdisciplinary experience designed to acquaint students with the study of and potential careers in professions utilizing architecture, visualization, construction science, landscape architecture, and urban planning. To attend you must have completed your Freshman year in high school or through your senior year.

Activities include lectures, design/building activities, digital photo, video editing and presentations by faculty in the College of Architecture. Additional activities include workshops in basic design and materials, individual and group projects, a review and critique of projects, and information about attending Texas A&M University and the College of Architecture.

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