The College of Architecture Woodshop is open to all College of Architecture students. Students who build projects with materials such as wood, metal and plastic become better designers and builders through an understanding of the characteristics of these materials. They have the opportunity to gain valuable experience while honing their building and design skills in the Woodshop, located in Room 111 on the first floor of Langford B.


The Woodshop provides students with a wide variety of hand tools, power tools and machinery, professional supervision and a clean, safe working environment in which they can create high-quality projects while learning skills that further prepare them to excel in their chosen careers.


A fulltime supervisor and student workers, all knowledgeable in woodworking, modern design and building practices, oversee the daily operations of the woodshop.


The Woodshop has many tools and machines, such as:



Woodshop protocol demands that all shop patrons make safety their utmost consideration. Prior to utilizing the shop, each student must read all the Safety Manuals, watch all of the Safety Videos, and pass the Safety Tests provided on their E-Campus account. Each student is also required to fill out a user safety agreement before gaining access to the woodshop. ­­­­­­Additionally, upon completion of the requirements listed above each user is required to have a woodshop walk-through.


Follow the steps below on E-Campus to find the manuals, videos, quizzes, and the user safety agreement. If the Automated Fabrication & Design – Woodshop Lab link does not show up on your E-Campus email you may send a request to jteal@arch.tamu.edu, or jtitus@arch.tamu.edu.


  1. Logon to your E-Campus account and click on the Architecture Lab link under the My Organization Tab.
  2. Click on the Architecture Lab Safety Training Folder. You must watch all the videos, read all the manuals, and take all the safety tests. A 90% or above is required to pass each test.
  3. After passing the safety tests print out your results, you will need to bring these with you when you turn in your paperwork. Next, fill out the Woodshop User Safety Agreement. Upon completing these steps you are now ready to come to the Woodshop for a walk-through.



All walk-throughs are by appointment only, groups of 5 or more students are required. You must pass (and bring proof of) the safety tests found on E-Campus, and bring a filled out copy of the user safety agreement before you can have a walk-through.


Laser Cutters & 3D Printers

Use of the Laser Cutters for College of Architecture students is free for school related projects. The price for 3D prints is based upon size of model, and which 3D printer is used. For more information read the document below.



Laser Cutter Templates

To use the laser cutters all files must be properly formatted on the templates given below. Refer to the How to Use Guides to see how to format your file. The laser cutters can cut from AutoCAD, Rhino, and Adobe Illustrator. If you create a file using any other program it must be imported in one of these three programs and properly layered.




Laser Cutter Materials

We sell laser cutting materials such as matte board, chipboard, basswood, balsa and more. Due to health and safety concerns we will no longer be laser cutting materials not sold through the college. Come by the Woodshop for available materials and prices.


A list of materials we sell and that are approved for laser cutting include:


Materials we cannot laser cut include:


*If you wish to laser cut materials outside of the list of approved materials we require the submission of a Material Safety Data Sheet for consideration of approval.


Non-College of Architecture Students

Faculty and students outside the College of Architecture can also use the Woodshop with approval. There is an hourly charge based per project for all faculty and students outside the College of Architecture. If you have any questions please come by the Woodshop.

Woodshop Supervisor

Jim Titus

Voice: 979.458.0558
Cell: 979.450.2990
Fax: 979.845.4491

Woodshop Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday: Closed