Visualization Laboratory

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The Visualization Laboratory at Texas A&M College of Architecture is primarily housed on the fourth floor of the Langford Architecture Center's Building C in the College of Architecture.

This 7,500 square-foot space contains a reception area, faculty and staff offices, two video studios, color and black-and-white darkrooms, video editing facilities, image input and output facilities, an electronic classroom, sound creation and manipulation facilities, a Cyberware 3D scanner, research spaces, an immersive visualization lab, and approximately 25 visual workstations. All computational facilities in the laboratory are interconnected by high-speed network links. The laboratory in turn is connected to the university's network backbone and from there to the Internet.

The central laboratory server computers, additional faculty offices and an additional classroom are located on the adjacent third floor.

The video studios total over 2,000 square feet with complete lighting, blue screen, and cyclorama systems. Professional-quality digital video cameras with field kits are available to students for location video shoots. Additional video cameras are located in the studios. The electronic classrooms are equipped with visual workstations, high resolution, multi-scan projectors, multiple format video and DVD decks, and surround audio systems.

Recent additions to the laboratory's facilities are high definition digital video equipment and immersive visualization facilities.