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The Technical Reference Center, (TRC), serves the University as an independent reference library supported through the College of Architecture, and is housed within the College. Additional resources beyond the holdings of the TRC are available through the Sterling C. Evans (main campus) Library.

Located on the second floor of the Langford Architecture Center, Building A, the TRC is convenient to the Department and Program offices, faculty offices and studio areas. The library provides print, electronic and media collections, reference materials, group and private study spaces, service areas for document and image scanning, copying, and media viewing and display.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Technical Reference Center is to enhance and support learning and discovery in a student-centered and collaborative environment. Ever engaged with the educational objectives of the College of Architecture, we offer specialized reference and support for College programs, initiatives, and curriculum. Striving to meet the diverse informational needs of students, faculty and staff, and with a commitment to excellence and service, we provide access to resources, both electronic and traditional that will enable users to reach their academic and research goals.



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Special TRC Collections

The William Carroll Pahlmann Archive

The archive of William C. Pahlmann, notable New York interior designer of the 1930's through the 1970's, is held within the Technical Reference Center. This collection was presented to the College in the late 1980's shortly before Mr. Pahlmann's death. Mr. Pahlmann was an early designer of the interior of the Memorial Student Center, and designed the interior of the Regents Annex, both on the Texas A&M University campus.

The Pahlmann Collection contains:

The Technical Reference Center also owns an antique portfolio table and watercolor painting by artist Dong Kingman, longtime friend of Mr. Pahlmann. Both the table and the painting belonged to Mr. Pahlmann.

A complete, downloadable, searchable Excel database that lists and describes the collection can be found here:  Pahlmann Spreadsheet (889.5 KB) . The Hagley Museum and Library resources for William Pahlmann are available here: Hagley Museum Pahlmann Collection

The Ralph Ellis Gunn Collection

The library holds a partial archive of the work of Ralph Ellis Gunn, prominent Landscape Architect who designed extensively in the River Oaks area of Houston in the 1950's, 60's and early 70's. The collection includes sets of landscaping plans for residences in Houston, other areas in Texas, Indiana, Louisiana, Florida, and Mississippi. Mr. Gunn was also fa¬mous for the restoration of the grounds and gardens of several plantations including Rosedown Plantation near St. Francisville, Louisiana. The TRC's slide collection contains over 950 of Mr. Gunn's slides which profile many of his works.

Danny Lyon Photograph Collection

Texas A&M University is proud to own thirty photographs taken by photographer Danny Lyon and have them on permanent loan and display within the Technical Reference Center. Danny Lyon, a post-Second World War documentary photographer, is famous for his representations of people. Lyon has received Guggenheim Fellowships in both photography and film making. Eight photographs from the series are displayed each semester in the library for study and appreciation and are regularly viewed by photography classes.

Raiford Stripling Restorations Photographs

Within the library are displayed 17, large format, black and white photographs of Texas historical buildings restored by architect, and A&M graduate, Raiford Stripling. The photographs, part of 52 in the original series, were used in a Raiford Stripling exhibit in the early 1980's. These large photographs of missions, churches, homes and historic buildings are often used as subjects for drawing assignments. Others in the series can be found displayed throughout the Langford complex.

Franziska Porges Hosken Slide Collection

This collection of over 52,000 slides is a large component of the overall slide holdings of the Technical Reference Center. The collection represents the entire content of Fran Hosken’s company, Architectural Color Slides. Ms. Hosken, a former architect, photographer, journalist, painter, author, urban planner, and social activist was one of the first female graduates of Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, where she studied under Walter Gropius. The collection includes images of architecture and urban spaces around the world photographed over four decades by Ms. Hosken while traveling in the employ of the United Nations.

A&M College of Texas Wedgewood Memorial Plate Collection

The complete 1936 original edition collection of A&M College decorative plates (twelve plates, along with two later editions), was donated to the College of Architecture in 2006 by Jo Ann and Keith Langford. These dinner plates, depicting the A&M College of Texas, were designed by the faculty and students of Architecture and Landscape Arts in 1935. They are made by Wedgewood of England on Ivory Queensware in A&M College Colors, and are prominently displayed in the Technical Reference Center.

Special Library Book Collections

College of Architecture Archive

This collection of items pertaining to the history of the College of Architecture is maintained by the TRC. The archive includes historic photographs, publications, correspondence, and artifacts. These materials help define our history and provide insight into the programs, centers and College initiatives over time. Located on the fifth floor of Langford Architecture Center Building A, the archive may be accessed upon request by contacting TRC staff.

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