Ranch F.A.Q.

Q: Riverside Campus sounds cool. Can you please tell me more about it?
A: Sure! Riverside Campus was built during World War II as an Air Force base and given to TAMU when the runways became too short for large planes to land safely. Since then it has been a research campus where ballistics are tested, car collisions are performed and quantified, and future police and other personnel are trained. There is also research in engineering, erosion, agriculture, energy systems, crop dusting and race cars.

Q: What is the facility like?
A: The Architecture Ranch is one of a dozen university fabrication facilities across the country. It is 20,000 square feet with a 30 foot ceiling. It is heated from the ceiling in the winter and can get drafty. The space is not air conditioned.

Q: Is there a bus that I can take to Riverside Campus?
A: Unfortunately there is not. Students may drive themselves, carpool with friends, or find other means of transport.

Q: Where can I park at?
A: Parking is only permitted across the street from the Ranch as requested by Riverside Campus.

Q: Can I work on my project on the weekends?
A: No. Riverside Campus is a secure gated facility and not open on weekends. It is open on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm, Wednesday from 9am to 9pm, and on Friday from 9am to 2 pm.

Q: I need a block of time to work on my Ranch project and cannot get there during school time. What do I do?
A: The Ranch is open on Wednesdays from 9 am to 9 pm so that night hours can be scheduled. To get in the gate call Jill at 204-3868. The Ranch is closed all University breaks and holidays.

Q: I plan to work at the Ranch all day. What can I do about food?
A: There are no vending machines or eating facilities at Riverside Campus so please bring your own lunch and drinks. There is a water fountain. The closest store is in Smetana about 2 miles away toward Bryan on highway 21. There is also a Subway at the intersection of Villa Maria and 2818.

Q: Can I drop in to do a quick project?
A: No, all work requires the completion of the safety training and schedule request prior to beginning. However, you may drop in to discuss any issues with the Ranch Manager, Chuck Tedrick, but please call ahead (979.845.3926).

Q: Do I have to wear safety glasses, long pants, close toed shoes, and have my shirt tucked in and hair pulled back every time I am at the Ranch?
A: If you are dropping off materials or waiting for a project to be completed on the CNC Router you do not have to conform to the dress code but you must stay in a designated area. If you are going to be doing any work at the Ranch then dress code must be followed and is strictly enforced.

Q: I have worked with power tools my whole life; do I still have to take the Safety Training?
A: Yes. Details and training schedules are available from Chuck Tedrick, the college's digital fabrication manager.

Q: Do I have to take the Safety Training again if I took it last year?
A: Yes. You must take the Safety Training every year. Details and training schedules are available from Chuck Tedrick, the college's digital fabrication manager.

Q: Is there a place where I can store my project while I work on it?
A: You may leave your project out, within reason, for the duration of the time you have designated on your schedule request. Completed projects cannot be stored at the Ranch.

Q: I will be back tomorrow morning to work. Can I just sweep up then?
A: No, please be considerate and keep the shop tidy. Always clean up your messes at the work bench and after all equipment use.

Q: Can I borrow tools from the Ranch?
A: No.

Q: Can I bring my own tools?
A: No. The equipment at the Ranch is inspected regularly to conform to safety codes, so please use the equipment provided.

Q: Are there any free materials for student use?
A: Occasionally there are some leftovers that students may use, but do not rely on these being there. Please purchase and transport project materials yourself.

Q: I have a cool project I want to do for my own. Can I use the tools and equipment at the Ranch?
A: Maybe. The Ranch Manager, Chuck Tedrick, will determine these on a case by case basis. You will also still need to take the safety training and fill out a schedule request in order to use the Ranch.

Contact Information

Chuck Tedrick
Digital Fabrications Manager
Voice: 979.845.3926
Fax: 979.862.3730