Student Travel


  • Secure funding.
  • Create a Request in Concur.
    • Indicate your actual destination and provide detailed information about the trip purpose and benefit.
    • Please spell out all acronyms.
    • Provide the account information in the account number fields, or in the notes section.
    • Pick up DART card from Business Office if you have been issued one by your department. Otherwise, you will pay expenses out-of-pocket.
    • Book travel.
      • Use Concur for greater discounts, or book directly with the vendor. Avoid using third-party vendors like Expedia, Hotwire, etc.
      • When booking Texas hotels, avoid being charged Texas State Occupancy Tax (6%).
  • When renting a vehicle in Texas, avoid being charged Texas Motor Vehicle Tax (10%).
    • Use the Motor Vehicle Rental Exemption Certificate.
    • Do not opt for any personal insurance.
    • Please note that any transactions made on DART cards well in advance of the trip dates cannot sit unassigned in your Concur profile longer than 30 days. Once your request has been approved in Concur, create an expense report and assign the transactions to that report. The expense report is due after you travel within 30 days of the trip end date.


  • Save any and all receipts. Make sure they’re itemized.
  • When making purchases in Texas, avoid being charged Texas State Sales Tax (8.25%).
    • The tax exempt ID is on your DART card, or you can use the State Sales Tax Exemption Certificate.
    • Individual meals are not tax exempt.
    • No individual meals or lodging expenses are allowed on single day trips.
    • Do not use your DART card to withdraw cash.
    • For additional insurance or emergency assistance while in foreign status, see the TAMU System Assistance Abroad Program.


  • Using your request, create an Expense Report in Concur.
    • Be sure to enter the GSA Rate for Meals & Incidental Expenses in the GSA Rate field of the Report Header.
    • Import credit card charges and manually add out-of-pocket expenses related to the trip.
      • Select the right expense type and add comments when applicable.
      • Attach receipt images to the report.
      • Submit report within 30 days of the trip end date.