Before Your Trip

You should fill out a Pre-Trip Authorization Request in Concur.

You can also make travel arrangements (including your flight, hotel, and rental car) in Concur, just like you would through Expedia or Orbitz.

During Your Trip

Use your University Travel Card for your travel-related expenses, including meals, lodging, and taxis.  Be sure to save, scan, or photograph your receipts.

You can use the Concur smartphone app to match pictures of your receipts with your travel card expenses on the go, or to make or change travel arrangements.  It's available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

After Your Trip

Submit your Expense Report in Concur.  You'll need to upload receipts for the expenses you made with your University Travel Card, and you can also submit receipts for expenses you may have paid out of pocket that need to be reimbursed.