Business Office Staff

Chris Novosad '05
Chris Novosad '05, Assistant Dean for Finance & Administration
Responsible for all budgetary obligations and financial and personnel matters.
Kevin Gustavus '08
Kevin Gustavus '08
, Business Administrator II
Responsible for oversight of business office, contract and grant management, exemption waiver processing, and college revenue accounts.
Faith Stringer '03  
Faith Stringer
'03, Business Coordinator III
Responsible for financial management, procurement card oversight, departmental accounts, scholarship entry, and faculty startup.
Theresa Bramson  
Theresa Bramson
, Business Coordinator I
Responsible for human resources, monthly payroll processing, leave processing, and personnel issues.
Amanda Morris '10
Amanda Hammill
'10, Business Coordinator I
Responsible for Concur, travel vouchers, travel accounts, and deposit oversight.
Shauna Ramos
Shauna Ramos
, Business Coordinator I
Responsible for financial management, purchasing, college accounts, and biweekly payroll.
Rachel Robinson
Rachel Robinson '09, Business Associate II
Responsible for procurement cards, field trip accounts, and scholarship accounts.
Angela Mayorga '13
Angela Mayorga '13, Business Associate I
Responsible for deposits, records management, and greeting business office visitors.