ProCards are departmental credit cards that can be checked out to pay for local, online, or phone purchases.

Checking Out a ProCard

To check out a card, contact your departmental staff and ask your department's cardholder to sign a One-Time Use Permission Form for you.  Bring the completed form to the Business Office, and Rachel Robinson will check a card out to you.

Using the ProCard

  • Be sure to provide the vendor with a Sales Tax Exemption form and ensure that they don't charge tax.
  • Get an itemized receipt that shows exactly what was purchased and how much each item cost.
  • For business meals, keep a list of attendees & what business was discussed.
  • Bring the card & receipt back to the Business Office.  Be prepared to spend about 5 minutes filling in the ProCard log with information about your purchase.

Amazon Purchases

Be sure to set up your account (preferably separate from your personal Amazon account) as a tax-exempt account.  See Amazon's Tax Exemption Program page for instructions.