Purchasing Forms


Development Foundation Voucher (Icon 102.7 KB)

Purchase Order Form (Icon 230.8 KB)

Sales Tax Exemption Certificate (Icon 289.2 KB)

Substitute W-9 & Direct Deposit

Business Meal Documentation Form (Icon 67.7 KB)

Sole Source Purchase Justification (Icon 25.7 KB)

Emergency Purchase Justification (Icon 47.0 KB)


One-Time Use Permission Form (Icon 34.3 KB)

Receipt Documentation Form (Icon 8.9 KB)

Missing Receipt Form (Icon 181.7 KB)

Payments to Individuals

Individual Reimbursement Form (Icon 45.8 KB)

Direct Deposit - Travel & Reimbursements - Employees (Icon 30.9 KB)

Direct Deposit - Travel & Reimbursements - Non-employees

State of Texas Employee Statement (Icon 939.9 KB)

Certificate of Foreign Status (Icon 459.8 KB)

Payment Terms Agreement for Speakers (Icon 35.8 KB)