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Diversity Peer Advisor Leaders (DPAL)

The Diversity Peer Advisor Leader (DPAL) program consists of trained student mentors who assist international students as they enter the United States, College Station, Texas A&M University, and the College of Architecture. This program is led by the College of Architecture Diversity Council. 

DPALs are responsible for communicating with around 200 international graduate students. DPALs answer questions, create inclusive social events, and foster a sense of community. Each DPAL makes personal connections with their students, refers them to available resources and services on campus, hosts social events, and communicates students' concerns to the college and the Diversity Council.

Establishing this program has formed a bond between the international students and their DPALs from the moment they received their acceptance letter to Texas A&M University. Through this list of contacts, we easily reach out to international students in the COA with any inquiries. Our target population for this project is international graduate students since they are more in number and likely to face family-, financial-, and career-related difficulties. 

Who can be a DPAL?

Due to the COVID situation we are expanding the program to hire 10 DPALs (in August, 2020) from different countries and departments at the COA to support our current and newly admitted international students for the year 2020-21. 

DPALs can be international students or Americans.


If you are an incoming international student looking for a welcoming and supportive environment; or you are part of the university, working with international students in your department/college, we would love to have you and collaborate with you! Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!

For more information about the DPAL program, please contact Haleh Moghaddasi, Graduate Assistant of the College of Architecture Diversity Council, at