Council on Diversity Goals

College of Architecture Diversity Council

On September 2011 I was named the College of Architecture Coordinator for Equity, Climate, Accountability and Outreach, with the specific aim at advancing diversity in our College. The first step  I took,  was to create an entity I thought would have an advisory role: a Diversity Council.  I invited faculty from all four departments in the College and representatives from staff and students. Four faculty (one for each department) plus one staff member and two students (one representing graduates and one undergraduates) composed the first COA Diversity Council (COA-DC).

After our first meetings, it was clear that the COA-DC wanted to be not just an advisory entity but an executive one. I am pleased that this council is now an integral part of the COA and meets every other week to discuss, plan, and process our diversity initiatives.


Dr. Cecilia Giusti

Associate Dean for Outreach and Diversity, College of Architecture

Associate Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning


Dr. Cecilia Giusti (Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning)

Dr. Walter Peacock (Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning)

Dr. Edelmiro Escamilla (Department of Construction Science)

  • Mobilization 2 Completion Mentoring Program; focusing on first generation students
  • Hispanic Constactors de San Antonio- "College Night"
  • Mexican American School Board Association- "Contruction Education Awareness," Presentations to 5 predominantly Hispanic schools.
  • ACE (Architecture/Construction/Engeneering) Mentoring Program- "Build it Forward," Presentations to students for recruiting and awareness.
  • Camp ARCH Construction Management- "Summer Camp"
  • Rio Grande Valley Aggie Day; presented to 400 students in 2 predominately Hispanic high schools to students and parents in McAllen, Texas.
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Event; Key Note Speaker- presented anectotes of education eperience as a first generation college graudate to 75 perspective college students.

Prof. Howard Eilers (Department of Visualization)

Dr. Weiling He (Department of Architecture)

Dr. Edelmiro Escamilla (Department of Construction Science)

Dr. Xuemei Zhu (Department of Architecture)

Dr. John Cooper (Department of Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning)

Dr. Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo (Department of Visualization)

Ms. Judy Pruitt (Staff)

Ms. Jaimie Hicks Masterson (Staff)

Ms. Kayla Wallace (Staff and Dr. Giusti’s  assistant)

Mr. Edward Tarlton (Graduate student representative)

Ms. Bara Safarova (Graduate student representative)

Ms. Edna Ledesma (Graduate student representative)

Mr. Patrick Patterson (Graduate student representative)

Ms. Liliana Ibañez (Undegraduate student representative)

Ms. Emily Tedford (Graduate student representative)

Ms. Sharmeen Yousif (Graduate student representative)

Ms. Anusree Saseendran (Graduate student representative)

Ms. Nesrine Mansour (Graduate student representative)