Hackathon 2016

What: B/CS Diversity Open Data BuildDay is a 24 hour interdisciplinary competition to address challenges posed by civic groups, student organizations and city representatives dedicated to social justice. The event will provide a platform for critical discussion of 'diversity' and 'inclusivity' of Texas A&M and the wider Bryan / College Station area. 

Who: Students, faculty and staff from all backgrounds and disciplines are welcome. Teams up to 5 people.

When: February 05-06 2016: Friday 5pm - Saturday 5pm. 

Where: Langford Building A (Kick Off in Geren Auditorium, Langford Building B)

Why: Your ideas will be exposed to city representatives, expert mentors from various departments and local businesses. In addition to addressing some of the most pressing issues in the B/CS community, you will also compete for the total of $5000 in prize money.Best response to each of the six Challenges will receive $500 per team. All teams will compete for additional $2000 to be awarded in several categories (TBC at the Kick off): such as most daring, critical, creative, engaging and practical.Come and meet new people, expand your skillset and have some FUN!We will have a team of DJs for the duration of the event, free food and snacks, free use of woodshop, laser cutters, 3D printer and $50 per team to purchase material to be used for projects.


Race/Ethnicity: Brazos Valley African American Museum (BVAAM) 

The Museum's Vice President, Mr. Pruitt will present this challenge. BVAAM chronicles the tragedies and triumphs of African Americans focusing on the history of local churches, families, and schools. Details will be announced during Kick Off. Back: College of Architecture Diversity Council

Backer: TAMU College of Architecture Diversity Council

City of Bryan

City Councilman, Rafael Peña, will present this challenge. 

Details will be announced during Kick Off. 

Backer: TAMU College of Architecture Diversity Council

City of College Station 

Several city officials confirmed attendance and presentation of this challenge pertaining to issues of diversity in College Station. 

Details will be announced during Kick Off.

Backer: TAMU Center for the Study of Digital Libraries

Gender | Intersectional identity: BCS Be the Bridge 

Apryl Williams of the BCS Be the Bridge organization will present this challenge. The group raises awareness and promotes racial unity through open dialogue and education. Details will be announced during Kick Off.

Backer: TAMU Department of Multicultural Services

Age | Disability: Soft Interaction Group 

Instead of using keyboards, mice and screens to interface with digital technology, young children and the elderly are delightfully using ...

This Challenge will take on the distance that technology creates between people who are not equipped to interact due to age or disability. The Challenge will be presented by Dr. Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo, assistant professor of Visualisation.

Backer: TAMU Department of Multicultural Services

Art | Inclusion: XYZ Atlas as a tool for change

Jennifer Chenoweth, visual artist based in Austin, will present this challenge. The XYZ Atlas includes experience mapping, with an interactive scale map of B/CS on the Quad this past November. We are expecting a playful challenge using art as a tool for engagement to documenting people’s anonymous stories about places. You can check Jennifer's work here (use fisterrastudio.com and xyzatlas.org). Details will be announced during the Kick Off.

Backer: TAMU Center for the Study of Digital Libraries

Prize categories 

- Most Daring

- Most Critical

- Most Creative

- Most Engaging

- Most Practical

- People's Choice

Subject to change, amounts TBC