The College of Architecture Diversity Council, partnering with the Center for the Study of Digital Libraries, will hold a 24 hour challenge for interdisciplinary teams to create and publish visualisations using Texas A&M University’s publicly available data. We are excited to take part in the worldwide efforts to liberate data.


The goal is to analyze the available data; create engaging presentations; and showcase in an exhibition. The presentations can take many forms: graphs , infographics, data driven documents, websites, stop-motion animation, 3D objects.


The event is for students and faculty of all colleges who have an interest in social issues, justice, equality, and are familiar with tools used in fields ranging visualisation, graphic design, digital technology, three-dimensional objects. Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged.


The event will take place in Langford building studio space on the third floor.


The kick off will be at 5pm on Friday 04-04-14. Show and tell will commence at 3pm on Saturday 05-04-14. Awards will be presented at 4pm on Saturday. This is a great chance to meet, create interdisciplinary connections, build a portfolio and have a fun time! There will be food and drinks along with experts in minorities and and technology to guide the way.

Click Here for Sample Data !!!!


Event Schedule: