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College Safety Team


Our Charter:

On May 3, 2014, The College's Administrative Staff Council agreed to form a separate committee whose charge would be to "identify and reduce potential hazards around the College."  

On June 16, 2014, the College Executive Leadership Team, led by Dean Vanegas, approved unanimously the formation of the College Safety Team.  

This team's vision is to have representatives from each department and center, representing all areas of the College, meet regularly to discuss training opportunities, identify potential risks, and communicate dangers that could be found within our College.  This would be done in conjunction with guidance from TAMU's Environmental Health & Safety group.


Agreed upon at our first committee meeting, the group unanimously decided up the following as the College Safety Team's mission:

"To enhance a culture of safety through distribution of information." 


The College of Architecture Safety Team thanks Environmental Health & Safety for their time and contributions to getting us started with our safety efforts.  

More information about their program can be found at

Committee Leadership:

Chair -  Jim Titus (979.458.0558;

Co-Chair -  Ginger White (979.458.3042;


Elizabeth (Liz) Smith (979.862.8443;

Thena Morris (979.458.4306;

Ricky Ferguson (979.845.3591;

Glen Vigus (979.847.9348;

Kevin Gustavus (979.845.4964;